Child prodigies set the tone



Antoine Saad – Violin

(chamber virtuoso)

Susanne Kowal - Piano


Musical child prodigies will set the tone this time – gifted children who caused a furore at their time, and who were frenetically celebrated, composing violinists and pianists.

The Berlin-based Duo Orpheo with the chamber virtuoso Antoine Saad on violin and viola and Susanne Kowal on piano, well-known through their attractive theme-based concerts, will introduce typical musical child prodigies with music and anecdotes.

Listen to the immortal sounds of the following composers, interpreted in a brilliant and passionate way:

From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the greatest child prodigy of all times,

from Fanny Hensel, the – no less gifted and talented – sister of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy,

from Clara Schumann, the greatest German female composer,

from Richard Kowal, the boy wonder from Spremberg,

from Henri Vieuxtemps, the celebrated Belgian violin idol,

from Henri Wieniawski, the Polish successor of Paganini, and

from Pablo de Sarasate, the Spanish “national hero”.

Let the melodies of highly gifted, ingenious child prodigies pass in review, and listen to episodes and anecdotes from their lives.