Popular Encores of the Violin Literature



Antoine Saad – Violin

(chamber virtuoso)

Susanne Kowal – Piano


With this program, Duo Orpheo wants to captivate their audience with entertaining “earworms” that the great violinists of their time, after their comprehensive violin evenings, presented as “encores”.

Antoine Saad will interpret the miniatures dear to him with passion, natural charm and verve, accompanied in a sensitive way by his partner, Susanne Kowal.

Listening to these musical “candies” by Brahms, Dvorák, Massenet, Sarasate and others will elicit memories of the Belle Epoque with its European music salons in which devil's violinists and keyboard wizards fascinated the educated classes.

In combination with the recitation of anecdotes, this program promises plenty of joy and a feast for the ear at a high artistic level.