Public Feedback

This evening will stay in my memory for a long time.

Four attentive Wagner fans say Thank You for the masterful interpretation.

With gratefulness we could enjoy the inspired playing of these musical people …

Thank you for the wonderful gift of a delightful music experience, spun from the harmonious ensemble playing and skillful mastery.

A second wonderful evening with two exceptionally gifted artists. An ensemble like it is rarely heard. Thanks to Duo Orpheo.

Never-ending applause prompted the artists to give encores three more times. It was magnificent and remains unforgotten.

Small pieces – great art, not simple at all, with respect. But in this beautiful way, it is a roundtrip of joy. Hungary, Austria: grateful is the audience.

The esprit, fervor and smoothness in Wieniawski´s interpretation – amazing! Thank you for this sensitive playing.

The particularly differentiated piano and excellent violin playing together added an exquisite note to this evening in the Amrumer Land.

Enchantingly beautiful, pleasant and soothing that you touched our innermost with your organically flowing playing, bringing to life unimagined “strings” within us.

An enjoyment that makes the heart laugh. Please come back soon!

Magnificent violin and excellent piano playing in ancient chambers – a real Midsummer Night’s Dream!

It was beautiful like a dream. Magnificent musical expression full of emotions!

The two artists exude passion and love for music from every fiber of the body. A concert evening that made the divine spark so often cited leap into the audience.
A wonderful evening for eyes and ears.

An hour in which the soul could go for a walk through the beautiful meadows of past (imperishable) music! It was pure enjoyment – a two-rowed pearl necklace.

The evening was invigorating and refreshing for the soul. Your playing was divinely inspired.

We are grateful for the confident and precise intonation on the violin, the skillful piano playing and the texts presented with sensitive intonation of speech as well. Entertaining – sophisticated!

Your performance was technically brilliant and very inspiring. Thank you for the affectionate Mozart hours here in the castle …

Two top-notch artists at work … Selection and presentation wonderful …

An excellent violinist and an excellent pianist gifted us with an unforgettable evening.
Music = 1 Heart + 1 Soul = Duo Orpheo … You are living proof that music keeps people young forever!

Norwegian landscapes showed up in front of the inner eye … Grieg interpreted full of character and expression and with deepest earnestness …

Musical gems sparkled and glittered musically and textually …

I'm always looking forward to each of your concerts; the music opens my heart …1 1/2 hours were much too short …

A musician couple complementing each other in a wonderful way: he strikes the violin with verve, she handles the piano with dedication, and we listened with sheer delight.

You are fulfilling a beautiful task with mastery, charm and humor.

Merci de nous deux pour ce concert plein de naturel et de charmant..

An extraordinarily beautiful program. Compliments! Thank you for the unforgettable hours far away from reality …

A top-class program, presented with masterful precision and musical passion … All difficulties mastered brilliantly!

It is an unforgettable moment and I enjoy it a lot.

The International Womens Day has really been appreciated and acknowledged today! Women are indeed capable of anything! Good composers and good interpretation on top!

Votre interprétation est magnifique! Ca fut un moment de bonheur. Merci pour cette complicité si chaleureuse.

Thank you for the heavenly Schubert!

Quel Charme, quelle poésie, quel bonheur de vous entendre…Tous mes voeux et compliments…

The Spanish spark leapt from Sarasate into the audience. We were enthralled by the virtuosity of the artist (flageolets, double stops, spicatos). A fantastic concert! Bravo!

It was beautiful how you managed to combine different genres, adapted for piano and string instrument, and complemented by Tschaikowski´s memories. Duo Orpheo made the Russian soul sound in a wonderful way.

Wonderful pieces from Russia – unknown ones as well. And a little educational journey on top …

I loved the fact you had a theme, this one of the “Wunderkinder”, and your illuminating and informative comments, not to mention your beautiful sensitive playing.

Wonderful what one can demand from a violin! Thank you so much for these demonstrations!