A. Composer Programs

(also sonata or sonata movements)

Mozart – the Enchanter
I knew Mozart
Schubert – the Gifted One
Edvard Grieg – the Romantic of the North
Homage to Robert Schumann
Brahms and his circle of friends
Wagnerissimo – famous Wagner melodies
Pablo de Sarasate – the Spanish Paganini
Child prodigies set the tone


B. Special Programs

(Original compositions, transcriptions and paraphrases)

Popular encores of the violin literature (part I/part II)
Musical miniatures of great artistic masters
From the gypsy romance to the csárdás
Russian kaleidoscope
Women in music and poetry
Goethe on music and musicians
Musical journey from Prague via Vienna to Budapest


C. Seasonal programs

Spring awakening
Musical summer dreams
Christmas time – miracle time – winter time

All programs are introduced with short descriptive summaries of their content.

Both musicians frame the programs with information about the music and musicians, and anecdotes pertinent to the respective program are recited.